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Youth heat, unity and hard work-Qianzhao 2019 basketball game ended successfully
Release time: 2019-12-03

From November 30 to December 1, the Qianzhao 2019 Basketball Finals was successfully held in Jiangxi Qianzhao Indoor Basketball Hall. After the early selection of various competition areas, three elite teams in Xiamen, Nanchang and Yangzhou each produced three elite teams gathered in Nanchang to compete for the first and second place in the finals. The Xiamen and Yangzhou teams arrived in Nanchang one day in advance. The cold and cold weather couldn't bear the enthusiasm of the players, and the scene was full of passion and excitement.

The finals are divided into two days, and the three teams compete fiercely in a wheel fight. In the end, the Xiamen Qianzhao team won the finals with a two-game victory record, and the Jiangxi Qianzhao team and the Yangzhou Qianzhao team won the second and third places.

Champion-Xiamen Qianzhao Team

Runner-up-Jiangxi Ganzhao Team

Runner-up-Yangzhou Qianzhao Team

Match moments

Youth heat, unite and fight! In this game, the players not only gained brotherhood, but also felt the team spirit of unity, forge ahead and hard work. The competition not only created a confident, energetic, and positive corporate atmosphere, but also demonstrated the youthful vitality of the employees, and promoted friendship between the various regions and departments.

Although the game is over, there is no end to love! Qianzhao believes that if there is love in his heart, there will be light in his eyes, and the cohesion of Qianzhao's concentric heart is this light!