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"Youth has an appointment, you can get together for a photo"-Jiangxi Qianzhao Optoelectronics's first Youth Friendship Association ended perfectly
Release time: 2019-11-22

The flower desires rain and the soul desires to return. On November 20, Jiangxi Qianzhao Optoelectronics Trade Union Committee organized the first youth friendship event, and the chairman of the union Chen Wenrong attended the event.

The event attracted a total of 118 men and women guests, the scene was full of passion, warm and romantic. The activity mainly focused on "free dating", and strengthened the interaction and communication among young employees through such links as "Sparkly debut", "Friendship PK", "Heart has a rhinoceros", "Heart is my choice", "Love speaks out loud" Create a relaxed atmosphere and create acquaintance opportunities.

Confession and hug in hand were the highlights of the event. During the "True Confession" session, the male guests presented the red roses carefully prepared by the show group to their favorite girls, and expressed their true feelings on the scene, and even the boys fell on one knee. There was joy, there was sweetness, and there were men and women guests who harvested a happy love and finally embraced each other.

The friendship party successfully held two pairs of male and female guests, and selected a "sunshine boy" and a "charismatic girl". The 10th female guest from the IT department was the happiest person in the audience. She not only won the highest vote of the boys on the spot, became the "charismatic girl" in the field, but also captured a period of enviable sweet love. In the end, Wang Wei, the vice chairman of the union, sent wonderful blessings and prizes to the successful men and women guests.

Finally, the audience sang the main theme of love. The friendship event ended in a relaxed, romantic and warm atmosphere. Regardless of whether you really met love at the event, at least I hope everyone has gained enough joy. Jiangxi Qianzhao Optoelectronics will continue to build more communication platforms for young employees and continuously improve the happiness of employees' lives.