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The 2019 Qianzhao Optoelectronics "I and the Motherland's Heart" Chorus Contest Finale came to a successful conclusion
Release time: 2019-10-18

In October, the whole country played the beautiful melody of "I and my motherland." Celebrating the same day with the country, Qianzhao Optoelectronics held the 2019 finale of the "I and the Heart of the Motherland" chorus contest at the company's Xiamen headquarters on October 17.

After the intense preliminary selection in the early stage, the top six teams from Xiamen, Nanchang and Yangzhou gathered in Xiamen to compete for the championship. Let's review this exciting game together!

Chairman Jin Zhangyu leads executives

Chorus "I and My Motherland" kicks off

Chorus of participating teams

"Going Forward" Team from the Blue and Green Division of Xiamen Division

"Main Melody" Choir from Xiamen Division

"One core to dry" team from the chip department of Yangzhou Division

"Oriental Red" Choir from the Financial Center of Xiamen Division

"Gan Hongxinsheng" team from Nanchang Division

"Infinite Capabilities" Team from Yangzhou Division

Three places to help show

Xiamen · Three Dance "river"


Yangzhou · Solo "Fireworks March in Yangzhou"

Nanchang · Sign Language Performance "National"

General branch of Qianzhao Photoelectric Party

Finale of poem recitation "My Motherland"

Beautiful China, enjoying the times, playing the melody of endeavor; moving singing, unanimous singing, singing the great motherland. In the end, the “One Core to Stem” team from the Yangzhou chip department won the final of the chorus competition; the “Courage to Go Direct” team from the Xiamen Blue and Green Division and the “Main Melody” chorus team from the Xiamen Stock Exchange won Second and third place.

The "Singing and Dancing Photos" singing competition is the seventh cultural activity of the Qianzhao Optoelectronics tradition this year. This time, we are together again, singing the great motherland, playing the will to forge ahead, and singing the love for the motherland with the passion of youth. The activity expressed the patriotism of all the people, and also showed the spirit of the people who are positive, united and forging ahead.

Through this chorus competition, everyone's spirit of striving for first-class performance and winning the banner was gathered, and a strong synergy to accelerate the advancement of dry photos was gathered. The 2019 Qianzhao Optoelectronics "I and the Heart of the Motherland" Chorus Contest Finale came to a successful conclusion. Let's meet in the next year to "sing awesome photos"!