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Jiangxi Qianzhao Optoelectronics Football Team Won the Runner-up of Hejun Business College Football League
Release time: 2019-10-10

In the fall of September, the annual Hejun Business College Autumn Football League kicked off at the Nanchang Institute of Technology football stadium. On the green field, the warriors were seen to be healthy, all fighting spirit and ready to go. The cheerleading team danced passionately to cheer for the game.

After two preliminary matches, the Jiangxi Qianzhao Optoelectronics football team advanced to the finals. The opponent was against the previous team of the Jiangxi class of Jun Business School. The two sides started a fierce battle, but our ability to seize the opportunity in front of our door was not as good as our opponents, but we didn't score a goal after many shots. In addition, our physical exertion was too large, and we finally lost our opponent 0: 1.

Greenery lights up dreams and passionately dances youth. Although the competition is full of competition, everyone's main purpose is to strengthen the body and promote friendship. We are all here, and we believe that Jiangxi Qianzhao Optoelectronics football team will surely achieve better results in the coming year.