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Stars in the desert, marching with you-2019 Qianzhao Optoelectronics "Same Robe and One Core" Gobi Hiking Challenge Concluded Successfully
发布时间:2019-11-12 Source: Release time: 2019-11-12

In 2019, the LED industry is in a downward cycle, and market competition is becoming increasingly cruel. Qianzhao Optoelectronics faces the biggest pressure since 13 years of entrepreneurship. What to do with dry photos-is the iron will, the iron team.

From November 1st to 3rd, Qianzhao Optoelectronics organized a managerial level or above, and some sales and technical backbones came to Zhangye, Gansu, which is famous for "Zhang Guoyi's Arms, and Tongxi Western Region." Gobi Challenge. Gobi dangers such as the industry situation, walking through the show on the stem, we are not only challenging Gobi, but also challenging the limits and surpassing ourselves.

For three days and two nights, we crossed the Grand Canyon, traversed saline-alkali lands, and crossed the Gobi Desert, with a total distance of nearly 100 kilometers. 霍去病 战胜匈奴的路线,用自己的双脚征服了戈壁黄沙,更是完成了一次对我们决心和意志的考验。 Ganzhao Tiejun followed the path of Huo's victory over the Huns 2000 years ago , conquered the Gobi Yellow Sands with his own feet, and completed a test of our resolve and will.

The journey starts from the Pingshan Lake well platform, with Shapo Town and Yangtai Mountain as the camp, and finally reaches the Java Desert, running through the four precipitous landforms of Danxia, Wetlands, Gobi, and Desert.

Unforgettable moment

Yellow sand in the desert

Gobi steppe, westerly sun

You and I go hand in hand

On the journey of 100 kilometers, Gan Zhaoren rushed to suffer. In an unpredictable and dangerous environment, each step is a test of personal will and team trust, but it does not stop.

These three days are three days of transcending self. Injuries make the already difficult journey even more difficult. Many team members insisted on stubborn wills, never stepped behind while stepping on blood bubbles and bandages. These three days are three days to gather morale. Many people never thought that they could stick to the end. They just crossed the finish line by relying on the encouragement and help of their teammates and the strength of the team. These three days are also three days that make people think. 支队伍竞争,残酷的外部环境,犹如企业的现状。 The five teams compete and the cruel external environment is like the status quo of the enterprise. The process of hiking is also the process of thinking. Everyone has new thinking about team, competition, cooperation, strategy formulation and tactical execution.

风回三峡,因有巫山为隔而风力益增其怒号。 ”困难和挑战越大,我们的自信心和战斗力也越强,未来创造的成就也就越大。 "Heguan out of Tongguan, because of the resistance of Taihua, the hydraulic power increased its fierceness; the wind returned to the Three Gorges, because of Wushan, the wind increased its rage. " The greater the difficulties and challenges, the stronger our self-confidence and combat effectiveness, The greater the achievements of future creation.

The end of the hike is the beginning of the rebirth of the Qianzhao team. In preparation for 2020, we believe in ourselves, the team, and the photos.

Qi Yue, no clothes

Dry Photo Tiejun, with one heart

Desert stars, march with you!