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Li Wei, deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance, and his party visited Jiangxi Qianzhao Optoelectronics
发布时间:2019-11-12 Source: Release time: 2019-11-12

On November 5, Li Wei, deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance, Rao Shaoqing, secretary of the district committee of the new district, Tang Yanhua, deputy district leader of the district, Wan Hongling, secretary of the management committee of Changjing Industrial Park, and Li Hefeng, director of the management committee, etc. Visit Jiangxi Qianzhao Optoelectronics Inspection Guide. Liu Zhao, general manager of Jiangxi Qianzhao Optoelectronics, and Chen Wenrong, deputy general manager, accompanied the reception.

Director Li and his entourage visited the production workshops such as chip evaporation, cleaning, yellow light station, and spot measurement station. Liu Zhao guided everyone to watch the operation of the production equipment in the workshop, and explained the chip production process. Director Li carefully observed all aspects of the production line and highly appreciated the company's modern production technology and equipment operation procedures. At the same time, he also carefully listened to Liu Zhao's detailed report on the company's current development and gave affirmation to the current development situation of Jiangxi Qianzhao Optoelectronics.

During the survey, Director Li was concerned about the company's implementation of the cost-saving and environmental-friendly policies, as well as the difficulties and problems encountered during the development of the company. He emphasized that cost reduction is a matter of stabilizing the company, benefiting the people's livelihood, and optimizing the environment. Enterprises must also carry forward the "hard-bone" spirit, make full use of existing resources, platforms, locations and other advantages, make scientific plans with high standards, and strengthen technology research and development. To make the enterprise stronger and better, and to achieve high-quality development of the enterprise.

With the care and help of governments and leaders at all levels, Jiangxi Qianzhao Optoelectronics will definitely strengthen its confidence, accelerate the pace, innovate and strive for excellence, and solidly promote the implementation of cost-saving and environmentally-friendly work. Innovative leading enterprises have made due contributions to the strategy of Jiangxi's industrial strong province and the rise of the central region.