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人才理念 Talent Concept
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For a long time, Qianzhao Optoelectronics always regards "talent strategy" as the primary strategy for business development, and pays attention to the development of employees' potential, creating a large number of compound and knowledgeable talents.

As Qianzhao continues to grow and grow, our demand for talents continues to grow, and we are even more thirsty. Qianzhao regards employees as the most valuable asset and hopes that every employee can get good development in the company. People-oriented, unlimited innovation, and create the future together, we hope that more talents will join the Qianzhao family and grow together with Qianzhao.

We believe that everyone is talent, and pay attention to the present, development and future of each employee. The company's greatest success is the success of its employees.

We always ask ourselves: people-oriented, unlimited innovation.

We do everything we can: people are right, they are right.

Not only do we retain people through treatment, we are more willing to retain people through careers and feelings.

We encourage and encourage every employee to use his high expectations to motivate himself, high standards to demand himself, and challenge to motivate himself, to work with the company and grow together.

We train first-class employees, abide by ethics, strict standards, proficient business, skilled, simple style, dedicated service, heavy responsibility, good communication, diligence and dedication.

Company benefits:

1. Five days and eight hours, providing dormitory and free working meals;

2. Annual occupational health examination;

3. Enjoy various paid leave according to law;

4. Pay five insurances and one fund (social security, housing provident fund) + commercial insurance according to law;

5. Provide shuttle bus to and from the island;

6. Organize group tours irregularly every year;

7. Regularly organize arts, sports, outreach training and other activities;

8. Distribute holiday expenses, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, birth gifts, year-end bonuses, etc.